As a highly sought-after companion, my rates are for my time only. Anything that happens within such confines is between consenting adults. Please note that this website is intended for adults only, meaning 19+ in age.

I welcome established suitors who have a generous inclination, as well as kind-natured first timers. Maturity, respect, and authenticity are appreciated from my suitors. The rates below are non-negotiable. Please note, I charge an extra $50 for outcalls to cover my ride home, thank you darling. All of the rates below are in CAD currency. I accept American/USD on a 1:1 basis with CAD (350CAD= 350USD).



All payments are due in cash. Deposits are welcomed for bookings 3 hours or more, via e-transfers to my email address, which is dateclaire@protonmail.com.

$350/hour                                                            $1600/6 hours

$450/90 minutes                                               $2000 For the Day (8hrs)

$600/2 hours                                                       $2800 For the Night (12hrs)

$900/3 hours                                                       $4500 Weekend Bliss

$1100/4 hours


Looking for something tailored to your specific desires? As an open-minded and adventurous soul, I am excited to offer extra services for the suitor seeking to elevate their experience to new heights. Relive the memory by recording our time together (video) for an additional $100/hour, for private enjoyment only.

Have you ever fantasized about having your very own sexy maid? Let me come to you and get down and dirty making your abode as clean as can be. Nude maid services, for the modern gentleman, unabashedly living his best life. Hands on (wink wink) personalized cleaning service starting at $700 for two hours, plus transportation. For that deep, deep clean you’ve been craving.



$50 extra for me to come to you, sugar. 

There’s nothing like a sensual hotel getaway. If you seek a remarkable getaway in Toronto’s finest accommodations, I can recommend the following: The Royal York Fairmont Hotel, The Hazelton, The Four Seasons, The Hilton, The Sheraton Centre, The Windsor Arms, The King Edward Omni, etc.

Craving something delicious? Let’s have dinner and then dessert 😉 and explore some of the culinary gems of Canada. I love The Chase, Jacob & Co., The Rex Sunday Jazz Brunch, High Tea at the Royal York or Windsor Arms, Cocktails at Barchef, or The Keg Mansion for a classically delicious experience.