Travel Dates


Take Me Away and I’ll Show You the World

Travel in style with a bonafide bombshell by your side and we’ll turn heads wherever we go. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the luckiest man, well, you’re in luck!

For our journey, I prefer to travel separately for privacy and discretion. Passport in hand, I am ready at the drop of a dime to be flown to meet you directly, be it in your hometown, an important business trip, or the vacation you truly deserve, as a man of the world.

To make it happen, I require a 50% deposit via e-transfer as well as the travel costs Let’s meet face-to-face over coffee, or skype-date together to sort out details before we explore the world.

Travel Packages

The travel packages below include the donation for my presence. Please add travel costs. I require 4 hours of alone time per day, and my own hotel room (or room within a suite).